While you are discerning your vocation remember that all of the faithful Catholic

laity are "common priests"


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Below is a Catholic discernment video and book and below that is the video on "The Common Priesthood".

Vocation discernment book and video below: Take this 90-minute journey with Natalie

through the four seasons of discernment.

Most every vocation discernment question is addressed. This video has received many excellent reviews

by those discerning their vocation and vocation directors alike. It has been described as "unbelievably awesome" and that "everyone should watch this video".

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Online video: "The Promised Land of Vocation: Knowing if you are called to Marriage, Religious Life, or the Priesthood".

The contents of this 90 minute YouTube video is also available in book form (see the online vocations books tab).‚Äč We also have hard copies. Just contact us.