Book 1: Stand On Your Own Feet

This book adds structure and meaning to the lives of those those in prison and is a great help to those who minister to them. Everyone has a vocation no matter their situation. ‚Äč This book is also great for those living in countries where they must live their faith hidden
like the Blessed Mother who kept all things hidden in her heart (Luke 2:29). 

Everyone has a vocation including prisoners, the disabled, and those in countries without religious freedom.

Romans 8:28 promises that ALL things work together for good to those in Christ Jesus.

*This book offers a spirituality that can be lived out in a hidden fashion like Mother Mary 
who kept certain things hidden and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2:19). 

Stand On Your Own Feet gives every person the spirituality, the freedom,

and the confidence to know God still calls with a mission and a purpose for all

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Welcome to the eternal family!

Because we are also publishers we can mail books all over the world directly to the prison. 

If anyone would like to translate Stand On Your Own Feet into Spanish or any other language we would welcome your help.